Lee-Smith, Inc.


2018 LT X3 Demo

Why Did We Build the LT X3

Vehicle technology is moving forward at an amazing pace. Every year manufacturers introduce new models, technologies, and improvements offering an ever increasing list of options. But how do you as a truck buyer test these products and understand their benefits?

Maybe you've read about collision mitigation, disc brakes, or automated transmissions. Perhaps you're wondering if they're right for your operation or dependable. Perhaps you're concerned about the payback. Maybe you fear your drivers won't accept these new technologies or worry about the complexities of maintaining these components.

We decided you needed to experience some of these new technologies on a truck. And it's not just any truck but a truck that has the features you've heard about and wanted to try. Our 2018 Technology Demo is a new International LT 73" High Rise Sleeper equipped with Cummins X15, 450 HP Engine, Eaton Automated Transmission, Bendix Full Air Disc Brakes, Bendix Fusion Collision Mitigation System and much more.

This truck features stationary object alert, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot alert, lane departure warning, vehicle overspeed alert, automated transmission, adaptive and predictive cruise control, 6 channel ABS air disc brakes, full electronic stability, LED lights, aerodynamic enhancements, and more. The truck is also equipped with real time vehicle condition tracking through lnternational's OnCommand information system. It's fully licensed and ready to roll.