Lee-Smith, Inc.


2018 LT X3 Demo


Simply put there may have never been a safer truck on American highways than this truck.

Our LT is packed with safety features that owners and drivers will both appreciate. International’s new LT is the first truck in to have Bendix Wingman Fusion Collision Mitigation as standard equipment. This system includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Mitigation and Stationary Vehicle Braking and Object Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and Over-speed Alert and Action.

We also included Predictive Cruise Control, a new technology that uses a built in GPS that adjusts the engine performance based upon the elevation changes of the roadway, helping improve fuel economy and performance.

All lights are LED including Headlights, Marker, Clearance, and Fog, Brake, Turn, Tail, and Back-Up lights. The driver will appreciate enhanced nighttime visibility with this powerful lighting package. It’s a package that draws considerably less power from the electrical system and will have greater durability.  This LT also comes with convenient features that allows the driver to cycle the exterior lights for pre-trip and headlights that automatically turn on with wipers. 

The vehicle is equipped with a Bendix 6 Channel, (6 Sensor, 6 Modulator) ABS Air Disc Brake system with Electronic Stability and Automatic Traction Control. It’s simply the very best brake and stability package available in the industry today. Meritor WABCO is also available.