Lee-Smith, Inc.


2018 LT X3 Demo

How Do I Demo the LT X3

So you've read about it, maybe you've seen it on the road, and now you want your chance to drive the Lee-Smith 2018 LT X3 Technology Demo Truck.

So now what?

You contact us and we'll work out a time for you to put that truck to work. We'll give you the truck for two weeks free of charge.

Yes, you read that right - we said FREE OF CHARGE!

All you are responsible for is furnishing the insurance and fuel.  And we'll tackle providing a brief training session for your driver(s) on the new equipment, how it works, and how best to operate it. We'll track the truck's MPG results using Telogis telematics and post it to our website.

So your two weeks end, now what?

You'll have your drivers evaluate their experience on the road in the truck and give us your feedback.

AND because fuel economy is something we are very interested in we will be giving away $1,000 debit card to the driver who posts the best MPG during a three month period starting June 1st (The trip must be a minimum distance of 2,000 miles to qualify).