Lee-Smith, Inc.


2018 LT X3 Demo


Efficiency is so crucial to your business.

Uptime is perhaps the single most important metric by which customer’s measure vehicle satisfaction and efficiency. You won’t be disappointed with the LT. It’s been designed to be dependable from the ground up using tested and proven components from industry leading suppliers.

The LT gives you choices. You can select from two engines; the Cummins X15 or the International A26 with HP ranging from 370 to 565 and torque from 1350 up to 2050 Ft lbs.! There are 10 different Eaton manual or automated manual transmissions to choose from. And if that’s not enough selection, you can also get the Allison TC10!

That’s 11 transmissions to choose from.  

The 2018 Cummins X15, 450 HP Engine powers our LT-X3 with 1550 – 1750 foot pounds of torque and is equipped with the SmartCoast™ Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain Management System.

This LT has an Eaton Advantage Automated 10 speed manual transmission that takes a lot of the leg work out of driving in traffic jams and always shifts the truck in the most efficient way possible thanks to Eaton electronic shift controls.

When you take a quick look under the hood. You’ll see all fluid reservoirs are translucent making it easy to check fluid levels. Having the check engine oil conveniently located helps make the driver’s pre-trip quick and easy for any driver.   

This engine transmission combo will sip fuel like an old lady at a tea party but unlike her, the engine is equipped with a three stage engine brake.

The longer 125 BBC of the LT has been shaped and refined in the largest wind tunnels in North America to make it our most aerodynamic truck ever. The hood and front fenders have been sculpted, along with the skirts and cab extenders to make this a great looking and low drag, wind cheating machine. The doors are now twice as strong as those on the previous model. That allows us to use pedestal mirrors that aid in lowering drag, improves visibility and reduces noise.  

Our LT is equipped with Meritor axles, International IROS air suspension, aluminum wheels and low profile radial tires. This is an efficient and light weight drivetrain, suspension and tire system that provides responsive control and an excellent ride.