Lee-Smith, Inc.


2018 LT X3 Demo

Driver Comfort

When you first walk up to the LT you'll notice the skirt step height that’s been reduced for easier entry and egress. The deep map pockets also act as grab handles that can support up to 300 lbs. The interior trim on our LT-X3 is the Standard Diamond interior and includes burled walnut accents, an option for Black Cherry is also available. And yes the air horn is back on a lanyard!

The LT 625 sleeper is available in four versions; 56” Low Roof, 56” Hi-Rise, 73” High Rise and 73” Sky Rise. Our LT is a 625 73” Hi-Rise Sleeper. The all new interior design started with an all new HVAC system that provides an Industry Best high-performance MAX defrost feature. It will clear a windshield faster than any other Class 8 sleeper on the market today.

The all-new dash is designed for the driver is easy-to-reach. The premium 5 ½ inch LCD screen, standard on the LT is as easy to read as it is to customize with virtual gages. The Bendix Wingman Fusion alerts also appear on the LCD screen. The redesigned center console has been refined for the driver’s easier access into the sleeper.   

We previously mentioned the new doors and windows but they are worth mentioning again.  They provide better visibility and the new pedestal mirrors are vibration free and aid in noise reduction and lower drag.

One of our salesmen would be glad to get you in an LT or our LT-X3 and take you through each feature discussed so you can see just how our driver centric this truck is.