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Lee-Smith, located in Chattanooga, TN is the region's top commercial truck dealership for International, Isuzu, and Ford commercial trucks.



Lee-Smith has a rich history in the Chattanooga transportation community dating back to 1939 when McCormick-Deering opened a store to sell and service farm tractors, equipment, and International Trucks. In 1945 two employees of the McCormick-Deering store took an opportunity to purchase the store. Mr. Photon P. Clift and Mr. Craig Smith took ownership of the store and renamed it the Clift-Smith Company. 

After 20 years in business together, Mr. Smith purchased all of Mr. Clift's interest and decided to solely focus on trucks. During this time a bright young man by the name of Mr. L.W. "Bud" Lee from Gallatin, Tenn. started working for Mr. Smith.

By 1972 Mr. Lee had risen through the ranks of the Clift-Smith Company and had decided to settle in Chattanooga permanently with his family. With that decision, he also purchased 50% of the company, making him the President and Principal dealer at the newly renamed Lee-Smith, Inc. Mr. Lee purchased Mr. Smith's remaining interest and became the sole stock holder in 1978.

In the 1980's Mr. Lee's son, Mr. Lesslie "Less" Lee came on board. And like his father he worked his way up through the ranks. And in 1992 the dealership passed to it's 2nd generation and current President and Dealer Principal, Less Lee.

Today, Lee-Smith offers Ford and Isuzu product lines in addition to its original International line. As the 3rd generation of the Lee family begins to work in the dealership our focus remains clear on providing our customers with the same top notch service they've grown accustom to.


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